Reality is the harshest thing

Like fire

Like ice on skin

We become liars to survive


Its a poision that keeps us alive

Cause our humanity cant face reality

We seek truth

We seek light

but light too close makes us blind


20 thoughts on “Reality

  1. I can relate to that poem. “Reality is but a shattered illusion”–that’s a line from my poem, Distance. Check it out and let me know what you think. I was looking at some of your other poems, too. Great work!

  2. Can you please explain to me how to “follow” and/or “subscribe” to your blog? I’m not doing something right because when I click on the “blogs I follow button” in my dashboard, yours does not show up. I am new to the blog scene, so please be as specific as possible when explaining. Anyway, I have some more things I want to say to you, but I need to get some sleep right now. Peace and Love.

    • You subscribe by clicking on the “+follow” at the very top of the page. My notifications say you are a follower, so perhaps there was just a delay.

  3. In my naive and young mind…I believe if we accepted reality we could create a much better world and human direction — and upward progression as opposed to what is before young people like yourself…self created chaos.

    • Good point… I never understood those who are seemingly oblivious to reality until I found myself in denial. I wasnt clueless, I just couldn’t face the truth so I subconciously pushed it away… my mind made up for it by creating an illusion closer to what I wanted. This is my attempt at explaining. I agree we must see and accept things for what they are; however, now I see why many of us choose not to.

  4. i really enjoy reading these words…
    a human can lie to everybody just to keep a face of “good people”
    the reality is distorted, we beging to see bad as good and the good as bad.

    that’s disappointing…

    exelent work

    • Hmm, deep thoughts… that relates to a whole other side I wasnt thinking of when I wrote this. I enjoy hearing what others think… Thanks for commenting πŸ™‚

  5. Nice, I’ve tried to Follow your blog, but not sure it works when I push the Little Follow thing up top… It doesn’t show up on my List of Blogs that I follow… Have you considered Putting a Follow Widget on your Blog?

    Love this poem


    • Hi darkjade, I recieved a notification that you are following my blog, so perhaps there was delay… this has happened before. I will look into adding a follow widget. Thanks

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