Hey guys!

I’m currently suffering from a stifling case of writers block… I have ideas, just no words to express them. I would love to hear other writers’ take on this. Please leave your pearls of wisdom below… before I die. (No, seriously, comment.) Meanwhile, perhaps I will take up photography or something…


21 thoughts on “NO WORDS!

  1. Writer’s block is the worst!!! Whenever I have it, I set my writing down for a while and focus on something else, like watching TV or listening to music. If I’m still stuck, then I’ll work on another story or work on the same story–just at a different place then where I left off. Works every time.

    Keep smiling,

  2. I agree with yhosby, let go. I like to think of writer’s block as a moment (however long that is) where my soul is resting in silence – like the moon hiding during the daylight – and when the time is right, the connection is made once more and energy flows. 🙂

    Wishing you rest and a wonderful flow of words in perfect, divine timing!

  3. I’ve found that the most frequent reason I have had writer’s block in my life is from putting too much pressure on myself. Pressure to write perfectly, to have grand ideas right out of the box, to get published by an arbitrary age I set myself, that kind of crap. And it’s liberating to finally understand that it is crap.

    First drafts will be so far from perfect it’s not funny, but that’s what editing/revising/rewriting is for. Ideas are built up into complex structures, they don’t come that way, characters too, for that matter. As for the published thing, it’ll happen when it happens.

    When I stopped worrying about these things, and stopped comparing my first drafts and notes to other writers’ published works, I was amazed at how the ideas and words flowed. Are still flowing, for that matter, on a daily basis.

    Maybe this helps you out, maybe it doesn’t, but it’s what’s finally worked for me. I hope it does help, because writer’s block truly does bite.

    • Pressure may be a part of the problem… I usually dont edit much, only a word or two. My good peices just come together, so when I feel like I cant express myself I freak out. Perhaps I just need to breathe.. Thank you for sharing your take on this 🙂

  4. What is there to say?
    The words become my tools
    That dull and break with time
    Until, within my mind
    They fail and fade away
    And I am left to fall
    Apart upon this floor
    With nothing to repair
    My suffocating soul
    When I can write no more

    I have many poems I have not published. I write constantly, but I hate it sometimes–my thoughts and feelings–I just hate to read them. They sadden me or frustrate me and I cannot find the will to post them. I wish for them to be different…better…more beautiful. It is not the words that have failed me lately. It is the feelings deep within. I do not want to express any more. Perhaps you can have some of my words and I can have some of your passion? That would be wonderful.

    • That is beautiful VW… a line from your piece reminded me of one from mine. I believe it was “all I am is lying here on the floor”… We share some of the same sentiments. I am constantly writing as well, but I only publish the ones I believe come together in harmony. The rest are scattered or erased… they make me frustrated, but I tell myself they’re just practice.

  5. Seems like you’re still writing even though you feel blocked, just not writing what you want or how you want, but maybe that can be good, to let go of that control. Automatic writing can sometimes help, where you write without censoring yourself.

    • Hmm, I feel you… maybe im finding a new approach or something, I just dont like when my thoughts are so scattered… they dont even make sense to me lol

  6. A beautiful poem, just like how we born; in its pure form takes birth in our heart.
    Our heart is such a sensible organ just like the layers of an onion has all the emotions in it.
    Which emits its results with rhythm though our action, face, eyes or the brain.
    No matter what a thing you are the universe grows with you since your birth.
    Writing a poem is not a job or a profession, it’s like a giving birth to a baby.

    If you feel lost and mixed up have patience and listen to that unsaid words.
    That whispers in your heart during the times while you – asleep in nightmares, or walks alone, with friends, with parents, pets, travelling, playing, studying, in romance, in a bar….or wherever you are…it’s in the just needs to breathe in and exhale it.
    Better not to say it’s a writers block..until you write poems for making money.

    Wish you good luck and Happy 2012.

  7. I always get a blank paper and write every word in my head. random words. seriously the most weird things will come out but it tends to help me. I also like to read a good magazine during writers block, listen to music, go on a run, or watch a movie. hope it helps doll! xoxo

  8. I’ve never had Writers Block Before… I suspect it probably comes from something in the Person’s Real Life needing to be Resolved… Or Looked at… Or, perhaps, some emotions that are so strong, that you can’t function mentally properly

    In which case, watching T.V., or a Movie Helps… Writing in a Journal also helps… With a Journal, you can pour every little thing that is on your mind, or that you are feeling, into the pages… Not needing to worry whether they are Poetic or not…

    Writing Every Single thing/feeling you can think of into a Journal, is one of the best ways to keep the River of Creativity Flowing, and Open


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