Not really alive

Just breathing

Like I slipped into a coma

Still walking

Nothing new

No feeling

Not content here

I have dreams

Faith is light that guides me

Lets me see beyond the ordinary

I take leaps

Cause one day

I’ll defy gravity



Drifted away from reality

I see not what is but what could be

Visions are keepers of my sanity

They take me to a place without gravity

A place where dreams are reality

As I Walked Away

I reached to wipe the tears from my eyes

I could no longer hide

Words engulfed me like a wave

I wanted to forget the reasons I stayed

so it didnt hurt when I walked away

But your words reminded me

They were too much to take

My heart tore as I turned away


Wish I could say I’m not easily fazed

I’m resiliant

Impossible to break

The truth is I’m fragile like a vase

Ive been shaken


Ive been replaced

I built a wall no one can break

It’s lonely here but its safe

None can tear me

None can take me away

Moving On

Empty heart

Blank page

Gray words nearly erased

Never felt like this before

Its a bittersweet taste

Moving on is just a stage

Hope reminds me of better days

I hold to my dreams

My faith

Still treading through this dreary place

Like walking in sand before the sun rises

and the darkness fades