rantings of an angry teenager

abandoned in ashes

desolate and gray

shut the f*ck up

what am i supposed to say

thank you for love i dont feel

for wounds that dont heal

i try to speak

but words escape

all i do is stutter into silence

overwelmed with thoughts i cant erase


17 thoughts on “rantings of an angry teenager

  1. Take that anger and keep pouring it into your work. You won’t regret it when your done. Keep your head up kiddo.


  2. I’ve realized teenage is the best phase of our life !
    This is the time you learn the most, from all those mistakes you invariably regret and fucked up people you meet once in a while !
    just hold on and someone as messed up as you would come along to make you feel better. 😛
    You’re very talented, LadyT ! 🙂

    • i agree! i wish i had more freedom, but aside from that i love this phase! i really have no regrets, those experience with fucked up people help us grow and become who we are… so its all good. thanks sanah 🙂

    • ive never been average, so i always detest the idea that all teens are the same, emotionally unstable and whatnot. then i realized this piece made me sound like a stereotypical teenager, but i was just saying how i felt so i embraced it (thus the title) haha we all have our moments i suppose. thank you VW

      • As someone who has studied psychology and counseling I have often said to myself “humans are fundamentally very similar” and also “no two people are ever alike”. In fact, as contradictory as that sounds, I do believe you can successfully counsel people with a strong basic knowledge of the human psyche, and yet I think we are all very alone in a sense–that we can never fully “understand” another person. It makes no difference if I have been through your exact circumstance because the life and culture we lived in up to that point were different. In fact, we could be identical twins raised in the same house by the same parents and be nothing alike in some ways. I truly think stereotyping can only be done in the mind. There really are no “stereotypical” people. There are people who share commonalities, but we are gloriously, and frighteningly different. You, my dear, will always defy stereotypes. You cannot help it. And every time you look at someone else, remember they do as well. It is rather pointless to tell children to “be yourself” or “do your own thing” because in reality we all do anyway 😉

        So here’s to you, LadyT. The one and only. There will never be another, and I have discovered you. I feel special!

      • Wow, all very true. Its amazing how we are all alike, but still unique. Its a beautiful thing to embrace ourselves and others as we are. I agree, stereotypes are untrue, the mind has a way of taking similar things and categorizing them to help us understand the world around us, although it often leads us to more confusion. Ironic.. lol Thank you for the compliment! Cheers to all of us, alike and incredibly different, beautiful in our own ways! 🙂

  3. Like you said before, it’s all about different seasons. Trying to figure out who we are and overcoming these hurdles that are placed in front of us is all about growing into the people that we were meant to be. There are definitely times where things are going to suck, but you learn from them and become better. The people that hurt you also teach you valuable lessons, so that you don’t fall for the same things again. I hope that you are well, and on the other hand you will come out of it wiser. Not that you already weren’t insightful.

    On regards to sleeping at night, I always make sure that my door’s locked and that I have my window ready to open in case of a situation where I would need a quick escape hahaha. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read about my creepy roommates 😀

    • Very true, I am who I am today because of those struggles.. thank you! Let’s hope your roomate doesn’t find your blog, or your may have to use that window… just sayin’ lol

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