screaming silence (nothing)

Life and death collide

im empty inside

vanished is everything of meaning

numbness becomes feeling

im left screaming silence like a lifeless being

staring into nothing

speaking as if someone were listening

Killing time with pinecones and paint

A few months before Christmas, my Grandma gave us a bucket of pinecones to decorate for ornaments (we have a little creative streak in our family… kind of trash to treasure status.) Anyways, somehow this idea slipped by and we never did it. The other day my sister and I were bored so we decided to paint them. We had an artsy-fun time… random moments are the best.

It’s Only a Season

I never liked fall or winter. The cloudy days, cold rain, and bare branches always left me in a depressing haze… but recently I had a change of heart. Leave it to me to take something simple and complicate it with deep quotes and over-thinking, but sometimes my over-thinking leads to a positive change.

During my walk a few days ago, I was gazing at bare branches and the most obvious thing dawned on me: It’s only a season… The trees shed their leaves so new ones will grow. Someone will be like… um, DUH… but it was a revelation to me. I always knew this, but never completely understood. This season is not a sad end, but a moment of transition. Then another light turned on.. This applied to my life as well. Moments of loss or emptiness were only a stepping stones to something new… possibly even better than what was before. Sometimes living in the moment is a painful thing to do, but it’s not so bad when you see things for what they are.

The past: Gone

The present: A moment of transition

The future: Unwritten

Happy 2012.