I’ve always loved how the city looks at night… all the lights are beautiful to me. One day, I decided to capture them while walking downtown to an art show. I was literally walking while I took the shots. This one is my favorite.


11 thoughts on “Downtown

      • Actually New Orleans was Amazing as well

        San Fran I went there as a kid with my family, on a Train, as I grew up in Southern California, so we took the Train North… But I really got to see it at night when I was maybe 30 to 31 Years old, as I went there to stay with my cousin… I spent 10 days there, actually ended up staying on the neighbors couch most of the time, as my Cousin was a bit odd and after two days said “she needed space”, ha… So the neighbors were friends, and the let me stay on their couch… I spent the next 8 days going out at night with them, and some during the day, trying to decide if I wanted to live there. There’s not a lot of space in San Fran, so even if you want to move there, often you spend the first two or three years sleeping on friends couches waiting for an opening for an apartment to open up, lol… I didn’t end up moving there, but I’ll never forget my 10 days there, the little corner delis, the fashionably dressed inhabitants… It’s definitely a great place for 20 to 30 year old Artists, who can hold a job.

        New York City I only went to once, as I got a Short Film in a Film Festival there, and flew out there with my Dad when I was 34 to watch it up on the Big Screen… I didn’t have a great relationship with my Dad, so I decided to try to be friends with him instead of focusing on him as the Father Son thing… It was a Great Trip, we went down to Time Square and went to a “Phantom of The Opera” show… It was Amazing.

        New Orleans was actually a work thing… I went out there for a Sales Convention, but at night we’d Taxi around to different places and watch Blues Music… And the Food was also amazing. I was maybe 28 or 29 when I did that.

        So you have time, and I recommend all three of those cities.


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