Your assignment for the day. ~Lady T


8 thoughts on “Go.

  1. Hey LadyT, responding to your Showcase Thread, I think you could Definitely Improve your Blog… It’s Simple, which is Good… But I think it’s time for something Less Dark than This Grey, and Time for a Different Picture as Your Banner.

    There is a Pure Simplicity to everything you Do, so I don’t think Your Site Needs to Reflect that as much… Truth is, your Soul is So Strong/Potent, you could probably get away with any Theme… So, I’d for for a Bit Warmer and Brighter, and a Diff Pic like I say… Not that it isn’t nice, because it is.

    This is only My Opinion though, Hope it Helps


    • Hmm, okay. I was thinking something along the lines of a new theme as well… I just wanted to hear what someone else thought. Thanks for your imput 🙂

      • No Problem, a New Theme would be Nice… We Just Changed Our Theme at The Dark Globe as well, it took forever to Choose one, lol. But Pete, Kirsty and I worked on it, and then I had Kirsty Design a Custom Banner for the Site, which I think turned out pretty good… But you’ve got so many Great Photos, you’re probably better off using a Photo by you.

        Good Luck


      • I noticed… it looks great! Yes I prefer to use a photo of mine, it just feels more me! It’ll take a bit but I’ll find one! Thanks again, I appreciate the feedback

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