you remember  who i was

see me now

like im nothing at all

but im proud of who i am

how ive grown

speak like you know it all

but everything is nothing

we all fall

so far

so short

the bar was raised too high

im not too proud to say i cry

its a lonely life

but i know who stands by my side

give up

it is no more

the bar was raised too high

we all fall short


11 thoughts on “fall

    • Very true… some people try to make you feel inadequate but I always say if you love who you are it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks…thanks

  1. Hey LadyT, I think I E-mailed you by mistake a while back, if you have “Aloha” in your E-mail Address that is, lol

    I was trying to E-mail one of Our Writers who hadn’t Posted in a While, who had the word “Aloha” in her Screen Name… When I saw that E-mail Address in My Contacts, I thought that was her, lol

    So Disregard any E-mails you got About Not Posting for a While… I was just checking to see if she still wanted to be an Author

    I hope that hasn’t stopped you from Posting on The Dark Globe? That E-mail wasn’t meant for you

    Thanks LadyT


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