I’m a Traveler

I recently had one of my out-of-no-where realizations. I never know how to say what’s on my mind in an eloquent fashion, so I’m just going to say it. I’m a traveler. What does that mean and how did I come to that conclusion?

Well first, I analyze things a lot. Secondly, something that has been constant in my life for almost 4 years recently changed. I’m not too shaken up, but it made me wonder. As I reflected and wondered why things happen the way they do, I noticed something; every time I get comfortable, im uprooted. As soon as I adjust to something, it changes.

Oddly, a lot of  the people I know seem to lead fairly simple, predictable lives. You know, they live in the same house, have the same friends, graduated from valley middle school and went to valley high school. They seem to have a rarely interrupted routine and a sense of security I’ve never had.  I used envy those people, but then I realized if my life was like that I would be bored as….zzz

Oh sorry, I almost fell asleep. As I was saying, if my life was predictable I would be bored. I also realized that change helps you grow. To walk, you must move from a crawling position to walking position. Sometimes life just changes your position, so you can learn something new. It’s a little awkward standing up at first, but once you got it, you got it. Then its time to run. Then its time to talk over the world… or something like that.

So maybe I’m a traveler at heart… that would explain a lot of things about me. It’s funny how I question things only to realize I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be. If anyone can relate or has insight to share, go ahead. For now its all good, I’m just following the path as it unfolds in front of me.